A prayer canon to all Bulgarian saints was served with the blessing of His Holiness Metropolitan of Sofia and Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte and the Right Reverend Belogradchik Bishop Polycarp on 5th December 2021 in the Orthodox Church of Saint Trinity, Slatina residential area, Sofia. The prayer cannon was related to the forthcoming construction of All Bulgarian Saints Orthodox Church in the courtyard of the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport.
The canon was led personally by archpriest Georgi, responsible for the church under construction and church board chairman. At the end, father Georgi invited all attendees to financially support the church project through the following words:
 “Beloved in the Lord brothers and sisters,
 Few are the people who have been granted by the Lord the opportunity to participate in the construction of a temple dedicated to God. Donors’ names written on paper are embedded in the Holy Table during the construction of each church.  The place where the Holy Table is located is the holiest of all places; this is where the Holy Liturgy is served and where the priest stands before the Lord’s throne. Donors’ names will be in front of the Lord forever. Names of ktetors, donors and decorators of this holy church are mentioned at each Holy Liturgy. How great is the grace which pours down abundantly upon these people and their homes as God who rules upon everything generously gives to those who have contributed to His home. Thus, here we have the opportunity to bring our share into this undertaking. Let us participate in the construction of this temple of God, and, bearing hope, faith and thanksgiving may we receive from God the great grace promised by Him to those who love Him.
May the Lord, upon the prayers of all Bulgarian saints, crown this undertaking with success!

The second temple icon, a personal gift by Maria Angelova, a former lecturer at the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, was also consecrated at the canon. Attending laypeople responded to the appeal and contributed their mite for the church construction.

We are grateful to everyone!