First working meeting on church architectural design discussion

First working meeting on church architectural design discussion was carried out in architect Maya Shakina’s office on 1st February 2017. The gathering was also attended by Church Board secretary and cashier assoc. prof. Dimitar Dimitrov as well as by eng. Sevdalin Valnarov, Todor Kableshkov University of Transport graduate, a successful businessman, chief executive officer (CEO) of Rubikon Engineering Ltd and deputy chairman of Bulgarian Association of Consulting Companies in Railway Construction. A series of issues related to church architectural design were discussed. Аrchitect Maya Shakina developed in details conception and ideas underlying preliminary architectural design of the church under construction.
Assoc. prof. Dimitar Dimitrov presented church construction possibilities, and namely, overall church design and construction, and ordering module construction and supply by a firm specializing in complete and module chapels and churches. Both options were evaluated and a decision was taken to build the church in compliance with first option due to the wide range of advantages this type of construction offers, including staged design implementation possibility with respect to incoming funds as well as specifics related to our climatic conditions, acoustics and other factors.
Eng. Sevdalin Valnarov offered to start, from mid February, gratuitous work, through firms he participates in and manages, on technical design implementation, authorization regimes, church construction visa along with designs of water supply and sewerage, electrical and central church heating, including site construction supervision. An opinion was shared that the above measures would also facilitate church construction funds-raising. Wishes for successful work and faster church building were expressed at the end of meeting.