There was a prayer service in the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Sofia on 7th November 2021 as to faith and health strengthening of all Bulgarians. The prayer service was addressed to God’s chosen faithful people, all known and unknown Bulgarian saints so that they may contribute to the faster construction of the church, dedicated to them all, on the campus of the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport.

“Saints, having shone amongst Bulgarian people, venerating your honest council and celebrating your holy memory, we diligently ask you to pray to God for all of us, and above all to preserve Bulgarian land from all calamities, to establish forever the Orthodox faith so that we can inherit with you the eternal Homeland in the blessed Kingdom of Christ after having lived in peace and piety.”

According to what the akathist* also says, “Rejoice, all Bulgarian saints, ardent intercessors for our Church and country!”

*Akathist to ALL BULGARIAN SAINTS, Vitezda Orthodox Publishing House, Rodna Svyatost Library, Kostenets.