The Sunday of All Bulgarian Saints is a unique holiday. This is when the Church venerates all historical personalities who lived in our country in the past and were canonized. They were known with pious life, profession of Christ’s faith in its completeness, devotion to Saint Orthodoxy. They were people of faith and spirit, all of them having strengthened with their deeds church, people and state cohesion. Bulgarian saints embody our national past, each period of our pre-liberation history having its martyrs.

Apart from church calendar saints, many other saints, reverends, hermits and martyrs have shone on Bulgarian lands, since before Bulgarian conversion to Orthodoxy up to the present. Under Ottoman rule, the bashi-bazouk destroyed and burned our monasteries and churches, though our people faith was preserved. This is the reason why on All Bulgarian Saints Sunday we also commemorate innumerable unknown holy people having shed their blood to safeguard faith on our lands. On this day we likewise venerate the unknown monks and saints, having passed away quietly and humbly to shine with invisible light from heaven.

Bulgarian holy martyrs according to church calendar, and reference as to the year and location of their death (sources,